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Network Access Point

A Network Access Point (NAP) is a public network exchange facility where Internet service providers (ISPs) connected with one another in peering arrangements.

  • Access points are the basic elements of a wireless network They scan for the wireless devices in its range and all the neighbouring Wi-Fi systems connect to the Access Point to communicate with the network.
  • Access points offer a standard for connectivity a, b/g, b/g/n which are all ratified by IEEE so that the Wi-Fi systems from various vendors can connect to the network.
  • Access points connect to PCs, laptops, PDAs, mobiles, Wi-Fi phones, Wi-Fi Cameras, Wi-Fi display management systems and a host of other devices that work on the Wi-Fi standard.
  • Access points can also scan the network for wireless threats and attacks.
  • Please note: Even thought Access Points provide wireless access to clients, they are themselves hooked to the network through Cables (Cat 5E/ Cat6) and hence the back bone of the wireless networks are most often wired.